Thanksgiving 2013

Don’t you just enjoy the fall with all it’s beautiful colors?  The way the leaves die off leaving such warm hues of brown, rust and yellow.  Not to mention reminding us that winter is close at hand.  I always find the fall is a great time for gratitude and reflection.  I often take Indy ( my horse) on a beautiful fall days and sit in the pasture and watch him graze.  I love looking up at the blue sky in wonder and thanking god for all the sweet smells and sounds of life in the country.  How lucky we are to live in the land of the free and brave?  But we know freedom isn’t free.  There is a price to be paid.
Just last week I read a story about a dog being adopted out from a shelter that was almost returned after two weeks.  See the dog was a 6 year old Black Lab named Reggie.  We’ll Reggie was having a hard time adjusting and was just going thru the motions of life with his new owner.  He wasn’t very interested in her and she was losing interest in Reggie.  She made the decision to return him to the shelter and was on her way to the phone when she remembered something.  Reggie came with a bed, balls and a sealed letter from his previous owner.  She began to read the letter and soon forgot about calling the shelter that day or any other day after that.  See Reggie wasn’t his real name it was Tank.  Tank because thats what his previous owner drove for a living.  He was in the Army.  Apparently, he had to give Tank up having no where else to place him before he left for his deployment.  He gave the shelter a fake name for Tank in hopes of keeping his real name special between them.  But the letter was to be opened by a new owner in case he didn’t make it back and Tank was adopted out.  We’ll of course once she said his real name and understood what he liked to play and do they had a whole new understanding of each other. And happily ever after the lived.   However, I wonder if Tank is still waiting for his first owner to show up and take him home someday.  I never thought about the animals left behind who also have had to make sacrifices for the love of our country.  So a big thanks to all that serve( my brother Donnie Ellis, my Uncle Robert Micek, my father in law Larry Wilson) and sacrifice for the things we love.  Especially to Tanks’ previous owner where ever he is up in heaven.  Your sacrifices make  it possible for me to be with my dogs everyday and out on the pasture watching my horse graze.  For that I give many thanks and all my love. 
Reflecting? Send me something from your heart.  What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?
Peace, love and giddy up!
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